Davide Grotta


Davide Grotta is an independent photographer and filmmaker. Graduated in Marine Archeology, he be­gan taking photographs and filming during excavation campaign across the Mediterranean. He moved in Cambodia for three years working as photojournalist. His first documentary Hidden Photos has been widely screened in international film festival, art museums and universities. In Production company he has worked as 1st Assistant Director on the movie of Isabella Sandri, Un confine incerto, and as assistant for Giuseppe M.Gaudin in Per Amor Vostro. I would like working again in Director dipartment or as set photographer.


  • 2014, Rabbits, Marlene Pardeller, Kurzfilm, Indipendente, Kameraassistenz

Regie Dokumentarfilm
  • 2016, Hidden photos, Davide Grotta, Dokumentarfilm Kino, ZELIG, Regie Dokumentarfilm
  • 2015, Del vivere consueto - Notizen für ein Porträt von Roberta Dapunt, Davide Grotta, Dokumentarfilm Kino, ZELIG , Regie Dokumentarfilm
  • 2013, Domindo, Davide Grotta, TV-Reportage, Indipendente, Regie Dokumentarfilm

  • 2017, Ötzi and the mistery of time, Gabriele Pignotta, Spielfilm Kino, ONE PICTURE, Regieassistenz
  • 2017, An uncertain border / 1st AD, Isabella Sandri, Spielfilm Kino, GAUNDRI Film, Regieassistenz
  • 2015, Per amor vostro, Beppe Gaudino, Spielfilm Kino, GAUNDRI Film, Regieassistenz

  • 2014, Non ricordarmi gli anni più belli, Agnese Blumtritt, Dokumentarfilm, ZELIG, Schnitt

  • 2018, Photographer, IDM, TV-Reportage, IDM/PLACE, Set-Fotograf

Video Assist
  • 2016, Un passo dal cielo 4, Jan Maria Michelini, TV-Serie, Lux, Video Assist


  • 2013 – 2016, ZeLIG FILM SCHOOL, REGIA/Film director
  • 2010 – 2012, Univerisità di Bologna - ALMA MATER STUDIORUM , Laurea specialistica in Ricerca, documentazione, conservazione e divulgazione dei beni archeologici
  • 2005 – 2006, CE.FO.P. - Formazione professionale regione Sicilia - -, Operatore video e fotografo subacqueo/Underwater photographer and videographer
  • 2003 – 2007, Univerisità di Bologna - ALMA MATER STUDIORUM , Laurea triennale in Archeologia Navale