Margherita Polo

Short description

Margherita Polo approaches the stage first with Trapeze, Aerial Silks and Hula-Hoop, to then express her self through physical theater performances and dramatic theatre.
Being a polyhedral creative mind, she fall in love with cinema and the set itself, taking part as an actress and aspiring to make experience in the scenography field as well.
Actually she's based in Bolzano, where she's working as an actress and a physical theatre teacher.


  • 2018, Foolhard, Matteo Marzano, Short film, Actors
  • 2018, Circ'all'ora, Margherita Polo, Theater, Actors
  • 2018, A due passi dal cielo, Riccardo Donna, Television movie, Lux Vide, Actors
  • 2017, La Frizione, Matteo Marzano, Short film, Actors
  • 2016, Outside Inside Out , Rocìo Allion, Theater, Actors
  • 2015, Fabbrica del Vapore, Mariana Oliboni e Margherita Polo, Theater, Actors
  • Real fake , Raffaela Menchetti, Theater, Actors

Background player
  • 2018, Tensione Superficiale, Giovanni Alois, Feature film, Background player

Main role
  • 2018, Spot _ Alois Lagheder, Commercial, Lagheder, Main role

Small role
  • 2018, Luca e Silvana, Stefano Lisci, Feature film, Small role
  • 2017, Rattenrennen, Maura Delpero, Feature film, Small role
  • 2017, La befana vien di notte, Michele Soavi, Feature film, Small role
  • 2015, Modern Life is Rubbish, Daniel Gill, Feature film, Small role
  • 2014, Nerone , 2000 anni di calunnie, Edoardo Silos Labini, Theater, Small role


  • 2013 – 2015, Ady - Family, Drammaturgia
  • 2013 – 2015, Arsenale - Milano , Metodo Lecoq - Corso Serale