Benno Steinegger


Short description

Benno Steinegger became an international known name in the experimental theater-scene as an actor and performer. He has (unlike many "traditional" film actors) a particularly strong body-presence, developed sensibility for space and voice, and versatile expressive power, which he masterfully demonstrates not only on stage but also in his collaborations for movies, films, videos and "live-acting" in front of cameras. His interest in film-acting is particularly strong, because also when he is acting in theatre he is always looking for detailed expressions, which make him become closer to film-acting than to theatre-acting.


  • 2015, Max and Hélène, Giacomo Battiato, Television movie, 11 Marzo Film, Rai Fiction, Actors
  • 2013, In caso d'amore: Una coppia modello, Fabrizio Costa, Television movie, Pepito Produzioni, Rai Fiction, Actors

Main role
  • 2013, Tank Talk, Codice Ivan, Video clip, Codice Ivan, Main role
  • 2012, L.I. Lingua Imperii, Anagoor, Video clip, Anagoor, Main role

Small role
  • 2010, Alexis. Una tragedia greca, Motus, Video clip, Motus, Small role


  • 2007 – 2008, University London, Master of Advanced Theatre Practice
  • 2000 – 2006, Università Firenze, Scienze Politiche