Maria Leitner

Innerratschings 17
39040 Ratschings, Sterzing
+39 3465947199

Short description

My beginning in film production was organizing the premiere of "Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten". In the following productions I have worked as production assistance and coordination. In two films I was also part of the set construction team and transport of equipment (with quad). And a few times I have also cared about the extras during shooting days.

Since a few months I work as a producer at image films, publicity films and musicvideo.

This year I want to make more experiences in the departments SET CONSTRUCTION/ASSISTANT PROPS/SET DRESSER and ASSISTANT DIRECTOR.


Location Managers
  • 2018, BLEI, Benjamin Leichtenstern, Short film, Glitzerfilm, Location Managers

  • 2018, IMPERIAL LIFE COMMERCIAL, Stefanie Aichner, Commercial, Do Whatever Films, Producer

Production Assistants
  • 2018, CRESCENDO, Dror Zahavi, Feature film, CCC Filmkunst GmbH, Production Assistants
  • 2018, RIVALEN & REBELLEN, Oliver Sommer, Feature film, Trenkwalder&Partner Filmproduktion, Production Assistants
  • 2018, FOUR ENCHANTED SISTERS, Sven Unterwaldt, Feature film, Blue Eyes Fiction GmbH & Co. KG, Production Assistants
  • 2017, HEXE LILLI RETTET WEIHNACHTEN, Wolfgang Groos, Feature film, Blue Eyes Fiction GmbH & Co. KG, Production Assistants

Set Construction
  • 2018, HAVEN - ABOVE SKY (aka SHIPBREAKER), Tim Fehlbaum, Feature film, BerghausWöbke Filmproduktion GmbH, Set Construction

Trainees (Production)
  • 2018, HEAD FULL OF HONEY, Til Schweiger, Feature film, Barefoot Productions GmbH, Trainees (Production)

  • 2018, RESISTANCE, Jonathan Jakubowicz, Feature film, Epicentral Studios, Transportation/Logistics