Lukas Rosatti

Billrothstraße 81/ 1/5
1190 Wien

Short description

I am working professionally as a freelancer in the the camera and light department since 2013 in Austria and occiasionally in South Tyrol, where I was born. My repertoire of skills lie within the camera and light department and I worked and participated on everything from documentaries, short films, feature films to music videos and commercials.
Since 2016 I am studying cinematography and production at the famous Filmacademy Vienna, an Institute of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.


Camera Assistants
  • 2014, Four Stoners, Benjamin Winsel , Web series, commlab GmbH, Camera Assistants
  • 2014, Leipziger Messe Image Campaign , Corporate film, commlab GmbH, Camera Assistants
  • 2013, Springer Lehrbuch/Smartbooks , Video clip, commlab GmbH, Camera Assistants
  • 2013, Flucht, Benjamin Winsel, Short film, commlab GmbH, Camera Assistants
  • 2013, GEMA Musikpreis, Corporate film, commlab GmbH, Camera Assistants

  • 2019, City Star Trails, Lukas Rosatti , Video clip, lukefilm, DOP
  • 2019, AMA Gütesiegel Genusstour Austria, Corporate film, lukefilm, DOP
  • 2019, African / Bagage, Short film, lukefilm, DOP
  • 2018, Gespräche im Nirgendwo, Jana Libnik, Short film, Filmakademie Wien , DOP
  • 2018, Mir Sein Wieder Do / VinoRosso , Lukas Rosatti , Video clip, lukefilm , DOP
  • 2018, Ulmish People, Michael Schäffer, Video clip, lukefilm, DOP
  • 2016, Foto Leidenschaft, Sebastian Kubelka, Documentary, Filmakademie Wien , DOP
  • 2016, Nemesis, Lukas Rosatti , Short film, DOP
  • 2015, Delicious Taste, Lorenz Benacchio, Short film, PMP Productions, DOP

  • 2018, Karneval Der Kellner, Alexander Peskador, Short film, Kiechl Nobis Productions, Gaffer

  • 2018, The Audition, Guy Lichtenstein, Short film, Filmakademie Wien, Producer
  • 2018, The Best Orchestra in the World, Henning Backhaus, Short film, Filmakademie Wien, Producer

Production Managers
  • 2019, Another Coin For The Merry Go Round, Hannes Starz, Feature film, KGP Gabriele Kranzelbinder Productions, Production Managers
  • 2018, Percht, Béla Baptiste, Short film, Filmakademie Wien , Production Managers


  • 2016 – 2020, Filmakademie Wien, Produktion
  • 2016, Filmakademie Wien, Bildgestaltung und Kamera