Florian Kirchler

Short description

I`ve always been a hands-on guy, never relying solely on traditional solutions. If resources are limited and the vision of the director unrestricted, I will find a proper way to make ideas not only shine but make them work with what we have.

I like being intuitive - exploring cutting edge innovations that are constantly evolving in the cinematographer`s world

I constantly apply my documentary training background to narrative Cinematography, employing skills that primarely lend to the storytelling, contributing exceptional lighting ability and creative vision in order to bolster the directors work and the productions needs.


  • 2011, Road Kill- A Love Story, Feature film, Leahpar Productions LLC, DOP

Camera Operators
  • 2015, La Partida, Nahuel Lopez, Oliver Keidel, Feature documentary, Februarfilm, Camera Operators
  • 2014, The Arctic, Feature film, China Film Group, DOP, Camera Operators
  • 2012, Kinderkrankheiten des 21 Jahrhundert, Television documentary, Morgentau Film- und Fernsehproduktion UG, Camera Operators
  • 2011, Maisfeld, Feature documentary, 42 film GmbH, Camera Operators
  • 2008, Freies Land, Feature film, Hamburg Media School, Camera Operators
  • 2005, Trabant- A Car for a Dollar, Feature documentary, Zweitakt Film Productions, Spohr Films, Camera Operators
  • 1999, Mit Leib und Seele, Feature documentary, ZeLIG, Camera Operators


  • 2006 – 2008, Hamburg Media School, Hamburg, Camera
  • 1996 – 1999, Zelig-School for Documentary, Television and New Media, Bolzano, Camera and Editing