Martin Prast

Short description

After my graduation from the documentary film school ZeLIG in 2004 as a camera operator, I attended different workshops and masterclasses for 16/35mm Film and HD video in Europe. Soon I began to work as an independent camera operator and 1st camera assistant for different national and international production companies such as Rai ,BR, Arte, MDR, BBC, Al Jazeera and others. Shooting and assisting mainly documentaries for cinema and Tv in different countries, gave me the possibility to improve my skills over the years.


Camera Assistants
  • 2009, Ein ladinisches Wintermärchen, Linda Roehl, Television documentary, helios, Camera Assistants
  • 2007, Dumbries - de Col de Flam, Matthias Höglinger, Television movie, Rai/helios, Camera Assistants
  • 2006, Nevidimka, Daniel Defranceschi, Short film, Daniel Defranceschi/Others, Camera Assistants
  • 2006, Il Palazzo, Katharina Copony, Feature documentary, Katharina Copony, Camera Assistants

Camera Operators
  • 2010, Mit der Seilbahn in den Himmel, Andreas Pichler, Television documentary, ARTE, Camera Operators
  • 2009, Gladio-Stay Behind, Andreas Pichler, Television documentary, BBC/Rai, Camera Operators
  • 2008, Link 900, Vincenzo Mancuso, Documentary series for TV, ZeLIG in collaborazione con l’Associazione Storia e Regione, Camera Operators
  • 2008, Ragwurz, Veronika Riz, Television documentary, T.E.M.A, Camera Operators
  • 2007, Brüder, Isabel Grünwald, Television documentary, BR/Rai, Camera Operators
  • 2007, Ausgang, Vincenzo Mancuso, Television documentary, Rai Südtirol, Camera Operators
  • 2006, Franco D´Andrea-Jazz Pianist, Andreas Pichler, Television documentary, Rai, Camera Operators
  • 2006, Terra Mia, Alessio Osele, Television documentary, Rai/Sky, Camera Operators
  • 2005, Il Talento, Federico Campana, Television documentary, Rai, Camera Operators
  • 2004, Grosseltern, Nicole Scherg, Television documentary, BR/Rai, Camera Operators


  • 2001 – 2004, ZeLIG School for documentary, television and new media, camera / light
  • 2016, (Italy), Workshop / MONOFLEX - 16mm b&w experimental processing
  • 2017, Maier Bros. / IDM (Italy), Workshop / Film light, effective lighting design
  • 2003, NationalDocumentary Tv-Film Department (Lithuania), Intership / Camera
  • 2014, Zelig (Italy), Masterclass with Nikolaus Geyrhalter
  • 2004, Hands on HD (Nordmedia/Germany), Workshop / 1st assistant camera / HD - S16mm
  • 2007, Bayerischer Rundfunk (Germany), Work expierence / 1st assistant camera
  • 2006, Workshop - Cineteca Bologna (Italy), Workshop / D.o.p.
  • 2005, Filmwerkstatt Münster (Germany), Workshop / 1st assistant camera 16mm/35mm
  • 2015, Mairania 857, IDM, ZeLIG, FAS (Italy), Masterclass with Ulrich Seidl