Jasmin Barbara Mairhofer


  • 2015, Fräulein, Caterina Carone, Feature film, Tempesta Srl
  • 2014, Luis Trenker - The fine line of the truth', Wolfgang Murnberger, Feature film, Roxy Film Gmbh
  • 2014, Snow Angel, Will Thomas Freeman, Short film, Dantalion Production
  • 2014, The youth, Paolo Sorrentino, Feature film, Indigo Film
  • 2013, The Mission of Michael Gamper, Renzo Carbonera, Television documentary, SD Cinematografica
  • 2013, Tears of the Dolomites, Hubert Schönegger, Feature film, Geosfilm
  • 2012, One Step from Heaven 2, Riccardo Donna, Television series, Lux Vide, Rai
  • 2012, Free, Bernd Fischerauer, Television movie, Tellux Film
  • 2012, The fairy taile of the princess, Steffen Zacke, Feature film, FR Entertainment
  • 2012, House of shadows, Rossella De Venuto, Feature film, Interlinea Film


  • 2009 – 2012, Europäische Theatersschule Bruneck