Bastian Esser

Short description

After Bastian Esser has graduated the documentary filmschool ZeLIG in 2010, he is working as a freelance cameraman between Italy and Germany.
His camerawork could be seen in the documentaryfilm "UNFINISHED ITALY" at many international festivals, or the feature film "LA MEZZA STAGIONE" at Karlovy Vary 2014. 2015 his work is screened at Dokfest Leipzig in the German competion with the documentaryfilm "CAFE WALDLUFT". Recently Bastian Esser works as a cameraman for the ARD in the Balkans and in Israel/ Palestine.


Camera Operators
  • 2015, Cafe Waldluft, Matthias Koßmehl, Feature documentary, Matthias Koßmehl Filmproduktion/ BR, Camera Operators
  • 2014, La mezza stagione, Danilo Caputo, Feature film, TarattaSteppenwolf, Camera Operators
  • 2010, Unfinished Italy, Benoit Felici, Feature documentary, ZeLIG, Camera Operators
  • 2009, Am Ende der Wiese, Michael Kranz, Pauline Rönneberg, Ariane Schröder, Feature documentary, HFF München, Camera Operators


  • 2007 – 2010, ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media
  • 2003 – 2006, inter alia Panther GmbH, Various internships