Panalight Südtirol

Viale Druso 313B
39100 Bolzano

Short description

Panalight Südtirol (Southtyrol) with it’s headquarters in the city of Bolzano offers the most advanced and up to date film equipment, digital cameras, lenses, accessories, lights, grip and also transport. In Bolzano we can offer as well the possibility to have test shoots and professional consulting.


Camera Equipment
  • 2017, Crime Tube, Lisa M. Kerschbaumer, Web series, Albolina Film, Camera Equipment
  • 2017, La ragazza nella nebbia, Donato Carrisi, Feature film, Colorado Film, Camera Equipment
  • 2017, Hollow Man, Hermes Cavagnini, Feature film, Cavagnini Film Company, Camera Equipment
  • 2017, Il premio, Alessandro Gassmann, Feature film, Italia International Film , Camera Equipment
  • 2016, Mr.Felicità, Alessandro Siani, Feature film, Cattleya , Camera Equipment
  • 2016, Un passo dal Cielo 4, Jean Maria Michelin, Television series, Lux vide, Camera Equipment
  • 2016, I figli della notte, Andrea De sIca, Feature film, Vivo Film, Camera Equipment
  • 2015, Il vicino, Klaudia Reynicke, Feature film, Amka Films Productions, Tempesta, Rai Cinema, Camera Equipment
  • 2015, The correspondence, Giuseppe Tornatore, Feature film, Paco cinematografica, Camera Equipment
  • 2015, Fräulein, Caterina Carrone, Feature film, Tempesta Film e Rai Cinema, Camera Equipment
  • 2015, Monte, Amir Naderi, Feature film, Citrullo International, Camera Equipment
  • 2014, Un passo dal cielo 3, Monica Vullo e Jan Maria Michelini, Television series, Lux Vide spa, Camera Equipment
  • 2014, Alaska, Claudio Cupellini, Television movie, Indiana Production Company, Rai Cinema, coproduzione la francese 247 Films, Camera Equipment

Lighting Equipment
  • 2017, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Ron Howard, Feature film, Lotus Production, Lighting Equipment
  • 2016, I figli della notte, Andrea De sIca, Feature film, vivo Film, Lighting Equipment
  • 2014, The way of the Eagle, Gerardo Olivares, Feature film, Terra Mater, Lighting Equipment
  • 2014, Everest, Baltasar Kormákur, Feature film, Working Title Films, Cross Creek Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walden Media, Lighting Equipment
  • 2014, Max & Hélène, Giacomo Battiato, Television movie, 11 Marzo, Lighting Equipment

Rentals: Cars and Trucks
  • 2014, Grand Hotel, Luca Ribuoli, Television series, Cattleya Srl, Rentals: Cars and Trucks