Nina Hoegg

Short description

I studied at Bolzanos documentary film school ZeLIG 2007-2010 with a major in camera. For my graduation film on s16mm, I was nominated for the female cinematographer award in the national competition of the Dortmund/Cologne International Woman's Film Festival. Since then I shot fictional short films, documentaries and reportage as cinematographer, some of them in Lisbon, were I was lived over a few years. I have been working regularly as camera assistant for documentaries and daily reportages as well as electrician and camera assistant on fictional productions.
I would be happy to come up to south tyrol again to extend my experience in the camera assistant team, as electrician or DIT.


Best Boy Electricians
  • 2016, Club Europa, Franziska M. Hoenisch, Television movie, ZDF/Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Potsdam, Best Boy Electricians
  • 2015, M like Martha, Lena Knauss, Short film, Tamtam Film, Hamburg/Nowy Tomysl (PL), Best Boy Electricians
  • 2015, Madsen - Sirens, Sander Houtkruijer, Berlin, Video clip, Best Boy Electricians
  • 2009, Kafarnaum, Jasco Viehus, Short film, dffb, Berlin, Best Boy Electricians

Camera Assistants
  • 2019, SU GIBI, Short film, Filmuni Potsdam, Camera Assistants
  • 2018, Eine Frau, die um was bittet, Meike Hauck, Short film, Filmuni-Potsdam, Camera Assistants
  • 2018, Every Life, Christian M. Müller, Short film, Filmuni-Potsdam, Camera Assistants
  • 2018, Body Language, Katja Staub, Short film, Filmuni Potsdam, Camera Assistants
  • 2016, Holly, Eline Gehring, Short film, dffb, Berlin, Camera Assistants
  • 2013, Als Papa das Krokodil ertränkte, Kai Stöckel, Short film, HFF München, Camera Assistants
  • 2010, - today, Bavarian Television, reportages, documentaries, TV Program, Camera Assistants

Camera Operators
  • 2016, A Heart That Beats, Nicolas Surgalski, Short film, Eternachrome Pictures, Berlin, Camera Operators
  • 2015, Beijo na Boca, William Chicarelli Filho, Berlin, Video clip, Camera Operators
  • 2014, Coisa de Alguém (Lost Property), Susanne Malorny, Documentary, CRIM Productions, Lisbon, Camera Operators
  • 2013, Bratislava, Mario Lopes, Short film, Ukbar Filmes, Lisbon , Camera Operators
  • 2012, Victims of Witchcraft, Tanzania, Heidi Lipsanen, Journalistic reportage for TV, Moscasproductions, Helsinki, Camera Operators
  • 2012, Hazor, Miro Mastropasqua, Short film, Miroimages / Videomaniacs, Berlin, Camera Operators
  • 2010, Laas-Revuca, Year In - Year Out, Martin Fliri, Documentary, ZeLIG, Camera Operators

  • 2014, Bunt Bleiben, Julia Walter, Commercial, Rovolution Film, Munich, Gaffer


  • 2014 – 2014, ZeLIG, Bolzano/Bozen, Workflow digital cinematography and datamanaging
  • 2007 – 2010, ZeLIG, Bolzano/Bozen, Dokumentarfilm Kamera
  • 2002 – 2006, Universität Erfurt, B.A. Soziologie, Wirtschaft und Recht
  • 2000 – 2001, Gasthörer, HFF München