Jorge Yetano

Short description

I specialize in documentary and reportage filming. During the years I spent living in Germany and South Tyrol I worked on numerous documentary productions for RAI, ORF, BR and ARTE, as well as independent projects. I then moved to Zaragoza, Spain, where I combined freelance camerawork for documentaries, shortfilms and videoclips with my work as filmmaker and producer. I have given workshops on documentary filmmaking. The constant dialog between the camera and reality is my passion. I speak fluent Spanish, English, German, and Italian, as well as good French.


Camera Operators
  • 2014, On the Shore (in production), Jorge Yetano, Television documentary, Yetivideo, Camera Operators
  • 2013, Estedrak Al Mumkin “The Possibility”, Jorge Yetano, Television documentary, Qatar TV, Camera Operators
  • 2012, Palestine Inside, Co-Regie Jorge Yetano, Documentary series for TV, Qatar TV, Camera Operators
  • 2010, Huellas de la Trashumancia, Doku-Serie, TVE / Domingo Moreno, PC , Camera Operators

Directors: Documentaries
  • 2004, Ape Maria, Jorge Yetano, ZeLIG, Directors: Documentaries


  • 2008, Estudiodecine, Barcelona, Spain, Schnitt / montaggio / Editing
  • 2004 – 2007, ZeLIG - School for Documentary, Television and New Media
  • 1998, Uiversidad de Zaragoza, Contemporary Social History