Renewable energy

A Good Climate for Investing

Renewable energy and the presevation of our precious resources are top priorities in South Tyrol. We invest more in sustinable energy such as photovoltaics and hydroelectric power than any other region in Italy: the rewards we reap as a result are financial as well as ecological. When it comes to tapping and developing sources of renewable energy, South Tyrol stands out from the crowd—not just in Italy but in the whole of Europe.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • South Tyrol meets 56% of its total electricity and heat consumption (excluding transportation) with renewable energy sources.
  • South Tyrol produces nearly twice as much electricity using hydroelectric power than the province actually needs.
  • About half of the surface area of solar panels in Italy can be found in South Tyrol, making the province a pioneer in photovoltaics in Italy. (Department of Regional Development, the Environment and Energy, Astat 2009).

These results are not simply a by-product of a favourable geographical location and many hours of sunshine. Rather, they are the result of South Tyrol’s targeted political measures and economic instruments designed to improve energy efficiency. What’s more, South Tyrol will promote the expansion of this key sector even further.

More than 100 companies have already begun operating in South Tyrol, working in various industrial and research branches of the renewable energy sector. A number of think tanks and associations have also moved in. Domiciled companies benefit from the strong network of expert partners located here in the province. Many foreign companies have recognised this and have chosen South Tyrol as a site from which to tap Italy’s market of the future—for good reason:

  • The Autonomous Province of Bolzano-Bozen encourages investments in energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power and solar energy with a capital contribution of 30%.
  • From 1992 to 2008, South Tyrol gave € 245 million in support of energy conservation and energy use; the resulting investments totalled € 1.61 billion.

South Tyrol has set across-the-board standards for energy-efficient building with its KlimaHaus initiative. In practical terms, this means:

  • The introduction of verifiable minimum standards for energy consumption of buildings
  • The creation of a tiered system of certifying buildings and businesses for energy efficiency

With its KilmaHaus initiative, South Tyrol has become a source of inspiration for the entire sector in Italy. The South Tyrolean model is now being adopted, in whole or in part, throughout the country.

Why does it pay to invest in the sector of renewable energy?

  • Italy is planning to increase its energy demand met by renewable sources to 75% percent by 2020.
  • The South Tyrol Climate Package: by 2050, 90% of the province’s energy needs will be met with renewable energy.
  • You can plan ahead: Conto Energia IV legislation guarantees attractive feed-in tariffs for solar energy for the next 20 years.
  • Transparent accounting: the GSE, or Gestore Mercati Elettrici, administers feed-in tariffs, calculating inflow and outflow.
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