Das System Milch (working title)


Humans and milk have quite a peculiar history. It begins with a fall into sin: it is only because the calf is taken from the mother that humans com by her milk. Otherwise it is not possible. We can do it carefully and cautiously, as does Alexander Agethle of Englhof, an organic dairy farm where the calves are separated from their mothers after a few days. Or it can happen in a relatively brutal way, as done in factory farm settings like Theo Wessel´s, where calves are immediately separated from their mothers and artificially fed. Or it can happen like in Australia, where the male animals are taken straight to the slaughterhouse. After birth, the mother cows start pumping milk 20, 30, 50 liters a day. These "turbo-cows" keep breaking records. Behind the innocent immage of beautiful white milk hides a whole machinery.

Production details

Director: Andreas Pichler
Writer: Andreas Pichler
Year of production: 2016
Production company: Miramonte Film (IT)
In coproduction with: EIKON Media GmbH (DE)
Movie type: TV documentary
Genre: Documentary

Funding (amount of grant according to the funding decision)

Production: 65.000 €

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