Austria also has established national and regional film funding institutions in the individual Austrian federal states.

On a national level – and in particular from an international perspective – there is the project-related film funding of the Austrian Film Institute (ÖFI) as well as the recently established funding model Film Location Austria (FISA). The ÖFI also offers support to Austrian-international co-productions which must be applied for by the Austrian partner and meet funding requirements. In cases where there is no official co-production agreement in place between Austria and the country in question, the Austrian share of the project (financial, artistic and technical) must be at least 30%. Theatrical motion pictures and TV movies are eligible for support.

The FISA model has a budget of 20 million Euros for a timeframe of three years (2010-2012) with a goal of attracting international theatrical motion picture productions to Austria. Like the German DFFF, which was the model for the Austrian fund, support may only be applied for by a producer with an office or branch office in Austria, making it necessary for all foreign producers to have an Austrian partner. The maximum amount of funding is 25% of the recognized costs incurred in Austria and is issued in the form of a grant. As in Germany, the funding is automatic and is granted without further committee decisions being required. The production must meet specific economic and cultural criteria, which are determined according to a points system. Applications for support may only be submitted online at

Regional film funders in the individual Austria federal states, like their counterparts in Germany, offer support to projects which have a “regional effect” in the respective funding state. The criteria are different from state to state. The Vienna Film Fund, with an annual budget of some 10 Euros the largest regional funding institution in Austria, defines a so-called “Vienna Film Industry Effect” as the deciding factor in the awarding of funds. Other regional funders take into consideration potential advertising effects film productions could have for their established tourism industries. And of perhaps even more interest: not all Austrian federal states require than an Austrian co-producer be mandatorily on board the project.

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