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Film Funding from IDM

IDM is your central contact in all areas of film funding in the northernmost Italian province. Since 2010, we administer the funds made available by the state of South Tyrol for economically oriented film funding; funds which, by the way, are among the most extensive in all of Italy.

We generally support film and television projects of all genres in the form of grants. We place particular focus on co-productions between the Italian and German-speaking markets.

Three different types of funding support are available for your project: production funding, separate production preparation funding, as well as a combined funding for production preparation and actual production. Detailed information is available in the boxes on the right-hand side.

IDM supports documentary films which are at least 30 minutes in length, television films and series which are at least 45 minutes in length, and theatrical features which are at least 80 minutes in length.

For us, film funding is a question of quality and subject matter, not of the production company’s location.

Support is granted independent of the location of the production company submitting the application. We evaluate the submitted funding applications solely on cultural and economic criteria. That said, we take into special consideration planned investments in South Tyrol which contribute to the strengthening and further development of the region as a media location.

To give you some initial orientation: for production funding, we calculate an economic territorial effect of 150% in reference to the corresponding funding amount. Exceptions are made for projects with a strong reference to South Tyrol. Our general goal is to support some 20 projects per year.

We kindly ask you to submit your application online only, following the obligatory personal consultation with IDM. Completed applications will be processed as a rule within five weeks. Our first submission period begins on 3 March 2011 and ends on 17 March 2011. Afterwards, you may submit applications on an ongoing basis. Your application will then be considered at the end of the following submission period.

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