Things to know about our production funding

Within the framework of our most extensive funding approach, we support producers realizing a film project completely or partially in South Tyrol. The funding budget can amount to up to 50% of the calculated total production costs, and in exceptional cases, even up to 80%. Exceptional cases are small or difficult films, or those financed on a very low budget. The maximum grant per film project is 1.4 million Euros. Funding is made exclusively in the form of non-repayable grants. Of course, these funds may be accumulated in combination with other forms of public funding.

Who is eligible?

As a rule, only production companies are eligible to submit applications for our funding model. In the case of a co-production, the application is generally submitted by the majority producer. Whether a granting of funds is intended to support the majority producer or the community of co-producers together should be clarified with us in advance. A majority status is established, as is international standard, based on the copyright share. This must be proven and amount to at least 50%.

Exceptions are made for international co-productions with Italian participation. In such cases, and according to our funding model, the majority Italian producer should submit the application, even in cases where the Italian producer is himself the minority producer among the international partners. In such cases, support is granted for the share of the Italian production partner.

If a South Tyrolean producer is involved in a national or international co-production, a further exception takes effect. In this case, the South Tyrolean producer is to submit the application, regardless of the producer’s status within the co-production group. Analogous to the previously mentioned regulation, support is granted in such cases to the share of the South Tyrolean production partner.

The Territorial Effect

All applicants are required to indicate in their project calculations and to spend at least 150% of the funding amount granted in South Tyrol. Exceptions are made for projects with a strong reference to the region of South Tyrol. All costs incurred within the framework of the production will be recognized in the calculations, as long as these are calculated according to usual industry standards. However, we place particular value on film industry effects which contribute to the strengthening and further development of South Tyrol as a film location. A higher regional effect must actually be produced if it is indicated in the funding application.

The Cultural Characteristics Test

As a rule, only projects which obtain at least four of maximum 16 points of the so-called “Cultural Characteristics Test” can be funded. You can review your project here in reference to the required cultural criteria.

Applicant’s Contribution

Our guidelines require that the producer provide an adequate share of the financing. This may include forms of distribution or sales guarantees, television license sales, personal contributions, as well as the producer’s own resources. Other forms of film funding, with the exception of prize monies, may not be credited to the applicant’s contribution. Personal resources should amount to at least 5% of the calculated production costs. In the case of co-productions, at least 5% of the submitting producer’s financial co-production share.

The Funding Application

In order to be eligible for consideration of an application for production funding for a feature film, a number of supporting documents, including a valid contract with a distributor (Deal Memo), are required. The same holds true for a licensing contract in the case of a television production. Under certain conditions, we can also accept LOIs.

Additionally, all applications must include:

  • the screenplay
  • a short synopsis
  • a detailed cost estimate of the project
  • a financing plan with proof of finances
  • proof of ownership of the film adaptation rights
  • a list of the planned production staff and projected cast
  • information on the planned exploitation

Please note that we can only examine your application further if it has been completed in its entiretyIncomplete applications will not be considered.

As a rule the first day of shooting may not have commenced prior to submission of the application.

Application Deadlines

  • 30.01.19 until 12.00 (decision until 19.03.2019)
  • 08.05.19 until 12.00 (decision until 25.06.2019)
  • 18.09.19 until 12.00 (decision until 12.11.2019)

Applications may be made, revised and sent at any time via our online-portal. Applications will be considered during the next period of review, which begins at 12 o’clock on the days listed above. Before submitting your application, please make an appointment for a personal consultation with our funding specialists. After such consultation, you will then be granted access for registration to the online application process. Please note that all applications must be submitted online. Please send us also five copies of the screenplay before the deadlines listed above.

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