Stillbach oder Die Sehnsucht

Sabine Gruber was born in Merano in 1963 and grew up in Lana. Her studies in Innsbruck and Vienna included German philology, history, and political science. From 1988 to 1992 she worked as a German lecturer at the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice. She is the author of numerous novels, short stories, plays, radio dramas, and theatrical works, including the novels Aushäusige (1996), Die Zumutung (2003), Vita in Anagramma (2009), and Stillbach oder Die Sehnsucht (2011).

Clara Burger leaves Stillbach, in South Tyrol, to go to Rome and close up the home of her best friend Ines who has died unexpectedly. At her friend’s home, Clara finds the manuscript for a novel set in 1978, year of the Aldo Moro abduction. In the book, Ines appears to describe her summer job as a maid at the Hotel Manente; she writes about love, infidelity, and rebellion. However, she is actually telling the story of the hotel owner, Emma Manente, who had been living in Rome since 1938 and, much to the dismay of her South Tyrolean family, was married to an Italian.
Was she the one betrothed to Johann back in Stillbach, who died during the partisan attack in Rome in 1944? And was Paolo, the historian whom Clara meets in Rome, really Ines’s lover at that time? What were the repercussions of the tension underlying the position of South Tyrol from the Fascist and Nazi regimes up to today?
Sabine Gruber captures our attention with this exciting, epic tale intertwining private and historical events between Stillbach and Rome – crime and infidelity, lust, truth, and newfound love all unfolded in spellbinding detail.

Title: Stillbach oder Die Sehnsucht
Author: Sabine Gruber
Year of Release: 2011
Publisher: C.H. Beck
ISBN: 978 3 406 62166 6

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