INCONTRI is a co-production meeting with the aims of encouraging transnational co-productions and furthering discussion of current issues in the film industry.


PLACES is a location tour that offers production managers and line producers the opportunity to visit interesting shooting locations that may be suitable for potential projects.



BLS launched RACCONTI as its annual script lab in 2011 with the goal of developing interesting and appealing outlines for screenplays that are set in South Tyrol.

EAVE in collaboration with BLS

EAVE, European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, is one of the leading training and development providers for producers in Europe in the audiovisual sector.




Every year, IDM organizes a series of special events on various themes within the film industry: The INCONTRI co-production meeting, for example, offers an opportunity for producers to get together with well-known companies in order to discuss and initiate possible co-productions between the core markets of Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. RACCONTI, meanwhile, gives professional screenwriters the opportunity to work developing and implementing film materials with the help of experts. Finally, PLACES is a location tour that invites line producers and production managers to come and visit some of South Tyrol’s extraordinary locations in order to find suitable places to shoot future film projects.

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