Filming in Protected Areas

Some areas of South Tyrol are under nature conservation and are thus protected areas. These comprise the following protection categories: national park, natural park, biotope/natural monument and nature preserve. These are meant to conserve the natural and cultivated landscape, which is both unique and valuable. Cinematic filming is possible in these areas, but only under the specific conditions that satisfy the conservation criteria. It is of concern to us as a film location that local and foreign film productions take these criteria into account.

In general, production companies must give advance notice about the shoot to the public office responsible for the protected area in which filming will take place (details on obtaining authorizations relating to helicopter use or production vehicles/driving on forest roads in the area may be found below). Please send notification with some information about the film project and an indication of the locations and shooting period to the Abteilung Natur, Landschaft und Raumentwicklung der Provinz Bozen (The Province of Bolzano’s department of nature, landscape and regional development.)

Autonomous Province of Bolzano − South Tyrol
28. Natur, Landschaft und Raumentwicklung
Landhaus 11, Rittner Straße 4
IT - 39100 Bolzano
Tel. + 39 0471 417800

Please feel free to contact us with questions as well, of course.

Driving Permits:
When filming within protected areas, a permit for driving on forest roads must be requested from the respective office at least five working days before shooting commences. No vehicle may travel along forest a road without this permit. The request for authorization must contain the following details:

  • Number and type of vehicles
  • Time period/date
  • Specification of which forest roads must be traveled
  • Indication of vehicle license plates (if known)
  • Information about the film project and the production company

The request must be accompanied by two 16-euro revenue stamps (for production companies that are not local, it is recommended to hire a local person to obtain the approval incl. stamps).

Requests for permission to drive on forest roads within the protected areas must be sent to:
the Province of Bolzano’s department of Natur, Landschaft und Raumentwicklung:

For forest roads in other areas at the province level: Amt für Forstverwaltung (Department of forestry):

Driving through any area off of the forest roads is not permitted; depending on the request or type of production, however, the responsible authorities reserve the right to grant such permission (which is the equivalent of a special authorization).

Flight Activity:
Helicopter flights for filming and productions, including landing, are permitted within the protected areas only when carried out in cooperation with or support of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. Notification of the competent authorities, which must take place at least 24 hours before the flight, is required. This notification must include the date, time  and purpose of the flight; an indication of the affected area (sector) must also be specified. The helicopter company should also be indicated when a production company sends the notification directly to the office.

Notification of helicopter flights must be submitted to the following province authorities: department of transportation (Mobilität), the department of nature, landscape and spatial development (Natur, Landschaft und Raumentwicklung) and the relevant forestry authority.

Contact Information:

Flights over Stelvio (Stilfser Joch) National Park are banned across the board. Exceptions may be made, but only with a special permit and only in individual cases. Please contact BLS directly in this regard.

The following rules and conservation requirements must be observed during filming:

The following are generally prohibited and/or specially regulated

  • Motor vehicle traffic
  • Exceptions may be made for production vehicles, but an authorization from the responsible authority is required (see above)

  • Construction of structures and buildings (building ban)
  • When sets are built, the following must be checked: what will be built, with what materials and at what expense. Generally set construction must not intervene or alter nature

  • Camps with tents, caravans and the like
  • For film productions, this means that the base camp must be situated outside of the protected area

  •  Lighting of fires and setting off explosions or fireworks
  • Even for filmed fires, permission is given on a case-by-case basis

  • Carrying out of changes to the terrain
  • Disturbance of the peace through annoying and unnecessary noises
  • Collecting/disturbing/destroying of plants, animals, fungi, fossils or minerals

The relevant authorities evaluate requests very carefully where:

  • Sensitive periods for wildlife (daily and seasonal) are concerned
  • Alpine and rare habitats and/or unexplored areas are concerned
  • Areas with very high number of visitors (i.e. during peak season) are concerned
  • The content is contrary to the objectives and provisions of the protected area

In this PDF you will find a list of protected areas within South Tyrol.

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