Shooting in Churches and Monasteries

For outdoor shots of churches, chapels and cemeteries, shooting permits are not required. However, if processions, funerals or similar liturgical functions are to be filmed, specific consent must be granted by the responsible clergyman or the responsible diocese ordinary.

For indoor shots and/or shots in the direct vicinity of the church, chapel or cemetery, the screenplay must be submitted to the Episcopalian ordinary. After review of the screenplay, a decision is then made if the authorization is to be granted or not. Upon positive appraisal, the producer is required to provide a written declaration that all aspects of the concluded agreement will be adhered to. Subsequently, a supervisory person will be assigned by the responsible clergyman or rector for the entire duration of the shoot.

Shooting permits for monasteries must be submitted directly to the monastery direction, which decides autonomously about the issuing of shooting permits.

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