Shooting with Animals

For shootings with animals, no specific permits are necessary. It is sufficient to inform the local official veterinarian as to when, where, with which and how many animals are involved in the shoot. In cases where animals from different owners are involved, an authorization for the gathering of animals must be granted by the responsible health office. The local official veterinarian checks to make sure that the required conditions regarding the keeping, hygiene and vaccination of animals are maintained on the set.

The transport of animals may only be carried out by authorized animal transporters. In the case of house pets which are traveling or being transported by their owners or trainers, this rule does not apply.

The import of animals from other regions of Italy is also subject to the same health regulations in effect in South Tyrol. If this status is not met, a veterinary health certificate (Mod. 4) is required.

For the import of animals from other EU states, an international veterinary health certificate is required for working animals (cattle, sheep, pigs, etc.). The receiver of the animals (with the exception of registered horses) must be registered with the Veterinary Office for EU Affairs in Sterzing and must, at least 24 hours before arrival of the animals, inform the office of such.

For house pets (dogs, cats, etc.) a pet passport, in which a valid rabies vaccination is indicated, is required.

As a general rule, working animals may only be brought to South Tyrol which originate from areas and breeders with the same health regulations and status.

The import of working animals from non-EU states requires a preventive authorization by the Health Department. However, there are no special requirements for house pets. Switzerland is not considered a “third country” for veterinary purposes, but it is for customs purposes.

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