Der Tote im Fels

Kurt Lanthaler was born in 1960 in Bozen and has been working in the film industry as a freelance author since 1986. Today, he lives in Berlin. His crime thriller series based on the eccentric globetrotter and bon vivant Tschonnie Tschenett, who involuntarily keeps getting caught up in the strangest of criminal cases, is highly acclaimed and popular well beyond the borders of South Tyrol.

A fresh corpse is discovered in the massive rocks on a train tunnel construction site. How in the world could it have gotten there? The only clues are found in the victim’s briefcase, which is in Tschonnie Tschenett’s hands. Tschenett is a former sailor and occasional truck driver with an unbelievable talent of getting involved in things that are none of his business. The narrative of the book later becomes reality. In 2007, the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the Brenner base tunnel took place – a mammoth project to mine a 55 km tunnel under the Brenner Pass.

Title: Der Tote im Fels
Author: Kurt Lanthaler
Year of Release: 1993
Publisher: Haymon
ISBN: 978-3257231304

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