Eisblau mit Windschlieren

Anna Maria Leitgeb was born in 1953 in Brixen. She studied at and attained a PhD from Innsbruck University. Today, she lives in Wilmington, Delaware/USA where she teaches German as a Foreign Language and works as a freelance author.

Biggi is a teacher’s daughter and grows up in South Tyrol in the 1960s. She is very attentive to the changes taking place around her and aware of her own developments, at first with the wide eyes of a child, then with the experienced view of a young woman. Biggi experiences an era of significant change: cars and television invade what used to be a quiet and unhurried world, one in which now increasing polarities are formed. Unquestioned, authoritative power on the one side; the timid but surging escape attempts of a younger generation on the other side. Sealing oneself off from strangers and the beginnings of a whole new industry of tourism. Poverty yesterday, potential wealth tomorrow. But what about today?

Biggi experiences conventions and double standards the hard way: her father’s powerful violence, her mother’s helplessness, sexuality, love – engulfed in a bubble of incomprehension and resulting self-interpretation

Title: Eisblau mit Windschlieren
Author: Anna Maria Leitgeb
Year of Release: 2010
Publisher: Edition Raetia
ISBN: 978-8872833643

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