Eve is Sleeping

Francesca Melandri, who was born in Rome, has written several screenplays for television and feature films. Eva Schläft is her first novel: it tells the story of a great love set against the backdrop of South Tyrol’s turbulent history—a land where Francesca Melandri lived for many years.

“Only once in her life was my mother Gerda certain of the love of a man, and me that of a father. All the others came and went like a cloudburst in summer: we'd have muddy boots, but the meadows remained dry. With Vito, though, it was something else. This was real. His presence, for her and for me, was like a long rain in June that makes the grass grow and feeds the springs. Yet we have, then and forever, not been spared drought.”

Eva is in her early forties when she receives a call from the man who long played the role of a father during her childhood—up until he seemingly vanished forever: Vito Anania. He is dying, and would like to see Eva one more time. She takes the train across Italy, from South Tyrol into the extreme south. In her imagination, her whole childhood in South Tyrol unfolds anew: it was dominated by the political turmoil of this region, but more so by the love of her mother, who was given nothing in life.

Title: Eva schläft
Author: Francesca Melandri
Year of Release: 2011
Publisher: Karl Blessing
ISBN.: 978-3-89667-435-7

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