Revenge is sweet as honey

This engaging crime story is set in Tesimo, a quaint little village in Alto Adige. With "Rache ist honigsüß" German author Ralph Neubauer is able to pay a fond and detailed tribute to the northernmost province of Italy. Starting with police chief Fabio Fameo’s first case, Ralph Neubauer creates his own unique genre that mixes in elements of guide book and love story.

In the small town of Tesimo, just south of Merano, a mysterious accident takes place amidst medieval castles, picturesque landscapes, and romantic ruins – all deeply rooted in the history of South Tyrol. After being transferred from the lively city of Rome to the quaint town of Bolzano, Fameo has to overcome his initial challenges before being able to fully dedicate himself to his new case. It is only thanks to his new partner and newfound love that he can learn to love this place and its people. The Renaissance Katzenzungen Castle standing atop a vibrantly colored hill near Tesimo serves as an important location.

Title: Rache ist honigsüß (Revenge is sweet as honey)
Author: Ralph Neubauer
Year of Release: 2010
Publisher: Spectrum
ISBN: 978-88-6011-093-0

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