The Restless Ghost

Castle Taufers has a long and scary history. Since its construction at the beginning of the 13th century, countless story-tellers and filmmakers have found inspiration in its dark corridors and maze of chambers for long-lasting spine-chilling tales.

Probably the oldest of such tales is that of Margarethe. According to the legend, the castle lord’s daughter falls in love with the castle sentry at the end of the 15th century. With her father away on a crusade, she decides to marry her lover. She asserts her choice in marriage despite the fact that the prince-bishop of Brixen, her uncle and her guardian, is not at all happy with her decision. Directly before the wedding, the groom is shot with a poison arrow and dies in her arms. Immediately, Margarethe runs back to her chambers and locks herself in. For days, she stares into the woods, atop the snowy peaks, and across the wide green valleys in search of her lover. To this very day, according to the castle director, her ghost returns to the exact room that overlooks the valley and wanders restlessly throughout the very castle that her beloved groom protected from enemies. And in the chapel, the scene of his brutal death, her ghost pauses to pray.

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