Financial Support for Families

Financial support for families in South Tyrol comes from three different pots. State money for families goes to low-income families that can claim at least three minor children as dependents.

Families from South Tyrol receive a monthly family allowance, which is currently in the amount of € 200 euros and awarded for every child under three years of age; the income ceiling for this child benefit is € 80,000 per year. In order to receive this family allowance, a non-EU citizen must be a resident in South Tyrol for at least five years while EU citizens must only have been registered here for one day.

Finally, there is family support offered by the region of Trentino-Alto Adige. This aid depends on the number of children in the family and the income level of the family. Five years of residency in the region is required in order to qualify.

In order to receive family financial support from either the province or from the region, you must submit a document called an EEVE (Einheitliche Einkommens- und Vermögenserklärung) in German or a DURP (Dichiarazione unificata di reddito e patrimonio) in Italian.

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