The Free University of Bolzano is South Tyrol’s multilingual and internationally oriented institution of higher education. The university, founded in 1997, currently has five faculties: the Faculty of Computer Science, the School of Economics and Management, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Design and Art, and the Faculty of Science and Technology.

With the exception of the Faculty of Education, which is based in Bressanone (Brixen), all of the faculties are located in Bolzano. All lectures are conducted in one of three languages: Italian, German or English. Research is also trilingual. The students, who hail from more than 60 countries to date, must have mastered at least two of the three languages prior to their entrance; customised courses at the in-house language centre facilitate acquisition of the third language. The word “free” in the name of the university refers to the type of university, not to fees: regular tuition at the Free University of Bolzano is € 1,282.50 per academic year. Students must pre-enrol before the actual enrolment begins at the start of each semester.

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