Our mandate

Film Promotion & Financing
Resources offered by the South Tyrol Film Fund support film and television projects. There is a total of 5 million euros available in 2013, as there was in 2011 and 2012. Production companies that apply have the potential to receive these monies regardless of their geographical location. BLS coaches and advises the producers during the entire application
and grant process, evaluates the submitted projects with support from a committee of experts and then recommends to the South Tyrol Province Government that specific productions be funded.

Production & Location Services
With a qualified team of motivated employees, BLS provides filmmakers with advice and assistance during the planning and realisation of productions in South Tyrol. Combining passion, experience and flexibility, BLS offers practical support for individual location scouting and recruitment, initial advice about the general legal and tax conditions for a film production in Italy, and assistance in obtaining filming permits and many other matters.
BLS also provides interested filmmakers with a comprehensive location database, organises and leads location tours, and has an online business directory of service providers for the film industry based in South Tyrol. All of BLS’s services are generally offered in both the Italian and German languages; they are, of course, also available in English.

Location Marketing
To increase South Tyrol’s profile as a film location, BLS presents the region at key industry events for the target markets of Italy, Austria and Germany. These market presences are used for personal consultations with prospective applicants and other interested parties, to maintain and further develop the international network, and to strengthen South
Tyrol’s position as a platform for the film industries of Italy, Austria and Germany. Events, PR, media relations, and online communications all play a prominent role in marketing the film location, as is typical in the film industry.

Location Development
A longterm goal of South Tyrol’s Film Fund is to create an efficient personnel and services infrastructure in the province’s audiovisual sector. It also aims to further increase the attractiveness of the province as a location for external film productions and contribute to the overall economic value in the region. In order to achieve these economic goals and to maximise the potential of the sector for South Tyrol as a film location, BLS provides the appropriate measures to ensure that policy, the overall economy, the culture sector, the education and continuing education sector, and the financial sector all work together. Based on a special location strategy companies are acquired for the a settlement in South Tyrol and Educational programs get led in the way.

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