Fund grants from IDM Film Funding - Awards 2/2016

In the second call of the year IDM Film Funding is financing nine new projects in all. Eight in production and one in pre-production.

I. Production funding

1. Die Pfefferkörner und der Fluch der Berge (working title)

Funding  500.000,00 €                                                                
Production Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH (DE)
Director Christian Theede
Screenplay Dirk Ahner

Children's Cinema film: The three young detectives of the Peppercorn Gang, 12-year-old Mia, her little sister, Alice, (9) and outsider, Basti, (12) have just survived their last adventure, when the next challenge arrives. Mia gets an ominous sounding warning from her South Tyrolean friend, Luca (12), who warns her not to go to South Tyrol with her school class as planned.  Mia thinks it's just a bad joke but when they arrive Mia and Basti quickly realize there's something not quite right with the Gruber family farm and  guest house.

2. Zweitland (working title)

Funding   480.000,00 €                                                                
Production Echo Film GmbH (IT) in co-production with SK Film- und Fernsehproduktionsgesellschaft GmbH (AT) and Starhaus Filmproduktion (DE)
Director Michael Kofler
Screenplay Michael Kofler

Cinema Film – Drama: South Tyrol 1961: Paul, gifted artist and introvert, wants to flee the lack of prospects in South Tyrol and study painting at the Academy of Arts in Munich, much to the displeasure of his dynamic older brother, Anton. When Anton's participation in the bomb attacks  of the Separatist Group threatens to become public, he has to escape to Austria. Suddenly it's Paul's responsibility to support Anton's young family on the farm, especially his resolute wife,  Anna. When Paul passes the  Academy of Arts entrance exam , he has to choose between his dream of  an artist's life and his love for Anna.

3. Schlussrechnung (working title)

Funding    250.000,00 €                                                                
Production Allegro Film GesmbH (AT)
Director Umut Dag
Screenplay Peter Probst

TV-thriller: superintendant Höllbacher is at the end of his tether: a priest wrongly accused of child abuse by prosecutor Massimo Nicoletti has committed suicide. Höllbacher feels  guilty and is suffering from burnout. His old friend, Anna Thaler, Chief Inspector in Meran, persuades him to move there and work for her. His rest is of short duration: The managing director of an Austrian bank and her branch manager are shot in broad daylight. Unfortunately, Nicoletti  has again been entrusted with the case. The police assume   terrorist motivation but Höllbacher thinks differently and soon he's on the track of a serial killer...

4. Mister Felicità (working title)

Funding 200.000,00 €                                                                
Production Cattleya Srl (IT)
Director Alessandro Siani
Screenplay Alessandro Siani, Fabio Bonifacci


5. Der Heilige Berg (working title)

Funding     110.000,00 €                                                                
Production Tempest Film Produktion und Verleih GmbH (DE)
Director Reinhold Messner
Screenplay Reinhold Messner

Documentary Cinema Film: Nepal 1979. Four mountain climbers find themselves on the West Wall of Ama Dablam, considered by the population as 'holy' and untouchable.  An avalanche of ice hits the rope team,  led by Peter Hillary, son of the first climber of Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary, thus  shattering the dreams of the four young New Zealanders to make the first ascent of the 2000 meter high, practically vertical Mingbo Wall. One man dead and the three others injured  hang on the vertical wall, held by a single anchor in the ropes. Because the native people fear the gods' revenge, the father himself sets out to save his son...

6. Verliebt, verlobt,…vergeigt (working title)

Funding     100.000,00 €                                                                
Production Die Film GmbH (DE)
Director Christina Schiewe
Screenplay Daniel Scotti-Rosin

TV Film Comedy: Claudia persuades her son, Oliver, to celebrate his wedding with Jade, in a small, cosy way, at her  home in South Tyrol. But the flamboyant father of the bride, Herb, wants to give his only daughter a big, expensive  wedding. Claudia and Herb vie with each other for the favor of the wedding couple and almost manage to break up the young people's happy relationship. Despite all their differences they begin to get closer, until blonde Amanda appears on the scene, Herb's Sugarbaby, and his house of lies collapses. Suddenly, it's not only the wedding that is at stake but also Herb's credibility.

7. Urban Divas (working title)

Funding     100.000,00 €                                                                
Production Lüthje Schneider Hörl Film Gbr (DE)
Director Natalie Spinell
Screenplay Natalie Spinell, Felix Hellmann

TV series:  When Lou's boyfriend  leaves her on her 30th birthday after a seven-year relationship, she suddenly realizes that her ovaries will age rapidly from now on. She needs a man, it doesn't matter which one,  it just has to be quick. Every minute matters now, speed is imperative – for couch potato, Lou, it's an extremely difficult challenge because she will have to totally change her character.  Attempts with “Fuck-Apps” like “Bang your Friend” fail miserably. After a one-night-stand disaster Lou thinks she's the most desperate  woman in Munich. What the devil  is she to do?

8. Oswald von Wolkenstein (working title)

Funding     30.000,00 €                                                                
Production Videocap des Klaus Romen (IT)
Director Klaus Romen
Screenplay Gerd Staffler

TV Documentary Film: knight, poet, minstrel of the late Middle Ages and adviser to the German Emperor: Oswald of Wolkenstein was the first figure of pan-European significance  born in South Tyrol. The documentary “Knight of changing times”  aims to present a complex theme historically correctly, cinematically exciting and in a comprehensible way to a wide television audience. It tells  Oswald's story from Crusader to the Council of Constance. Special attention is dedicated to the musical aspects of the Wolkenstein songs.

II. Pre-production Funding

7. Sole (working title)

Funding     20.000,00 €                                                                
Production Kino Produzioni Srl (IT) in co-production with Méroé Films N.D. (FR)
Director Carlo Sironi
Screenplay Carlo Sironi, Antonio Manca

Cinema Film Drama: Ermanno spends his days with petty theft. Then he meets pregnant Rada, who wants to give her baby away in Italy to start a new life. They pass themselves off as a couple and promise the new born baby to Ermanno's brother and his wife, who can't have any children. To get the adoption through, though, they have to keep on playing the part of a couple, and so they get to know and appreciate each other. When Rada's daughter, Sole, is born prematurely and needs her mother's breast, Rada decides to be  unfeeling , whereas Ermanno takes care of the child as if it were his own.

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