Andreas Hofer - Volksheld oder Fanatiker?


There are scores of anecdotes about Andreas Hofer, which have contributed to creation of myths. This film links the anecdotal with historic certainty, allowing a glance behind the scenes of this great story.
For almost a year, Andreas Hofer is leader and symbolic figure of the Tyrolean Rebellion against Napoleonic rule. In the year of 1809 the myth of the freedom fighter Andreas Hofer is born. This fateful year is the focal point of the documentary drama "Andreas Hofer - Folk Hero and Freedom Fighter".
The film will not depict Andreas Hofer as the clear-cut hero, for which he is often described. We will address discrepancies and contradicting opinions. The contrasting views will create tension and the showcase many dimensions of our protagonist. It will demonstrate that lauded historical figures are also people with strengths and weaknesses. In this way our "hero' will also have his human side, which will endear him to the audience.


Regie: Hannes Schuler, Robert Neumüller
Drehbuch: Louisa Weber
Produktionsfirma: Fernsehnüro (DE)
In Koproduktion mit: Pre TV (AT)
Senderbeteiligung: ORF, Albatross Weltvertrieb
Kategorie: Dokumentarfilm TV

Förderung (laut Förderentscheid)

Produktion: 60.000 €

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